Stock in the Channel Is The Largest Search Engine For IT Product Stock + Prices

Advertising on Stock in the Channel lets brands and distributors reach vast numbers of buyers exactly when they’re ready to purchase.

The Right Place

Stock in the Channel is the voice of the IT channel, with over 45,000 daily searches made by Resellers, VARs + MSPs.

The Right Time

All site users intend to purchase, check stock and/or prices; so your brand, offers or product launch is valuable information.

The Right People

From huge resellers to niche SMBs, buyers and specifiers are ready to put your products in front of corporate end-users.

More Information

Contact us to discuss your advertising ideas with an account specialist. Smaller campaigns can be self-served and managed using advertising credits below.


Dominate the site with your messaging with our most exclusive advertising opportunity that displays massive banners on every page.

Wallpaper advertising achieves 55,000 – 75,000 impressions per day.


Banners are displayed for 30-day duration, targeting specific product categories and/or choose ‘run of site’ to maximise impressions.


Right-hand column banners are displayed for 30-day duration, targeting specific product categories and/or choose ‘run of site’ to maximise impressions.

Our Audience

Our primary market is the UK and has the lion’s share of our audience. We have 28,000 clients, 47,000 users, searching 6,400,000 products from 159 distributors.

They generate

  • 250k sessions per month from an average of 25k unique visitors
  • An average session duration of 13 minutes
  • They average 800,000 product searches each month, over 5 million in last 6 months
  • Wallpaper adverts average 65,000 impression daily
  • Banner advertising gets 2.7 million impressions monthly
  • Combined the users spend over £15bn on IT goods and services per year

The Top 100 Resellers/MSP by Revenue

  • 76% have accounts with Stock in the Channel – 63% are highly active
  • They perform over 185k searches monthly
  • Some of the prominent resellers we work with are featured on the back cover


Our requirements for advertisements are as follows:

Orientation Dimensions File Size Limit File Formats
Banner 728 x 90 or 600 x 80 125kb .jpg, .gif, .png, .mp4
Skyscraper 120 x 600 or 160 x 600 125kb .jpg, .gif, .png, .mp4
Wallpaper 140 x 300 500kb .jpg, .gif, .png, .mp4


Advertisers are responsible for providing their own artworks that meet the technical and creative requirements of Stock in the Channel.

Stock in the Channel reserve the right to decline advertising unrelated our reseller community. All wallpaper adverts must be pre-approved before placement.

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