Easily Load Thousands Of Supplier’s Products Into Amazon With Stock + Prices Updated Every Day.

Match every product with long descriptions + imagery, then automatically dropship to customers when they purchase.

Choose From 6m Products

List IT products from hundreds of distributors on your marketplace, all matched with rich content.

Choose Your Margin

Set fixed sell prices or use our margin builder tool for specific categories or distributors.

Automatic Fulfilment

Our electronic links with suppliers automatically ship approved orders + provide tracking updates.

More Information

Sell on Marketplaces

  • Instantly load thousands of products on to your customers and Amazon marketplaces.
  • Include all required information to successfully load in the products
  • After orders are placed get them automatically fulfilled by distribution
  • Stock and prices updated daily – with hourly options to update stock
  • Full product descriptions and procurement detail included

Sell on Amazon

  • Over 1m products matched with Amazon ASINs
  • Grading system for match quality
  • Ability to set margins by price range to allow for free delivery costs
  • Margins by category to allow for return rates by product type
  • Orders received from Amazon can flow straight into your systems as well as to back to back the orders from distribution
  • Order status and tracking automatically handled for drop ship orders that are fulfilled by our EDI links to distribution

Join many successful resellers earning money selling on Amazon.

Sell on governement marketplaces

Crown Commercial Services technology products frameworks are well served by our offering. Our datafeed solution conforms to their requirements. Minor customisations to our standard datafeed service enabled this some years ago.

If you wish to sell to CCS or any other public sector framework then please get in touch to find out how we can help. Don’t forget we offer punch out too.

5 million products from 200 plus distributors

E-enable all your suppliers in one go! Over 200 suppliers worldwide are partners – feeding in over 10,000 individual feeds into our site every day. Over 5 million products to sell are available to sell. You can also add your own stock and suppliers that are not listed on the site.

  • Your individual feed from your supplier gets imported with your own personalised pricing
  • The items are matched with full product descriptions provided by Icecat
  • The suppliers and your own product descriptions can also be imported
  • Multiple suppliers with the same product result in the price from the cheapest supplier being listed on your site.

Completely Automated

Every night our system will go out to the suppliers and automatically collect your feeds. The data is imported and normalised, then matched with the product descriptions. Price and data quality rules are applied and then a file is published which you can import in to your web store.

Add Your Own Suppliers / Stock

In addition to the suppliers we show on our site you can add unlimited other suppliers / stock and price feeds. To do this you need at least stock, price, SKU and brand in a spreadsheet. This process can be done manually by uploading a file or can be automated with our system collecting files from an FTP location.

Real Time Stock And Prices

Out of the 200 suppliers we have on board about 20% allow real time queries of stock and price levels so you can see completely accurate information from them. (With the other suppliers we update hourly).

Electronic Ordering

Over 25 suppliers are fully integrated between their systems and ours– this involves the following:

  • Sending electronic purchase orders to get the suppliers to drop ship the goods
  • Receiving an order status and tracking reports as the supplier fulfills the orders
  • Receiving the supplier invoices for the products ordered

Getting Suppliers Set Up

For most of the UK distributors you simply have to enter your account number and click apply for prices on a web page within our site. It is completely simple to get working:

  • In other countries and with new suppliers to add new suppliers send us the supplier stock file and we will put it live for you straight away – or add the supplier as a private datafeed.
  • To set up suppliers for Real time queries and ordering, contact our sales team

Let us know if we missed anything…

Back to back marketplace orders directly to distribution

How it Works

With our order automation package you can completely automate the purchasing of IT hardware from distribution. With end-to-end electronic communications, this solution gives your business a hands-off, efficient solution that lets computers do all the work.

All orders from either the webstore or sales team members are imported directly into our orders manager which automatically works out the cheapest fulfillment, considering the cheapest price and delivery costs. You have full control over how you convert orders into PO’s with the choice of the following:

  • Automatically convert orders to PO’s in seconds
  • Override the automated conversion to choose different distributors, change prices to reflect negotiations with distributors and special bid pricing for particular products or customers
  • Consolidate order items to be shipped from your warehouse to save on multiple purchase ordering costs.

Electronic ordering

Stock In The Channel has electronic ordering in place with all of the major distributors listed with us. These distributors can accept purchase orders and provide proof of delivery. Before an order is placed, we check the availability of items in real-time and provide tracking codes from distributors to help you fully monitor delivery progress. If a distributor provides a unique ID of an item for delivery, we will import this for you.

Complete order transparency

Package tracking and order status is visible to you, your sales staff and your customers. Order status is passed back from suppliers to our system and your web-store, CRM and even ERP enabling you to catch and resolve any issues pro-actively before your customer knows of the problem. Track the delivery on the courier’s website and see exactly where the package is at that very moment!

Access to full history

Every action that takes place is recorded in a history section on your Stock In The Channel account. This tracks quote, order, purchase order and supplier invoicing, allowing you full visibility of the complete quote-to-order cycle.

Consolidate orders

Our system allows you to select multiple orders and combine them into one purchase order (per supplier). These orders are then shipped directly to your base where you are then able to create shipping notes and manage the dispatch of the goods. There is a separate section that manages shipments from your warehouse.

Reports and audit trail

Report on quotes and orders, by company and date range. View results with sub totals divided by company or status.

Report on quotes, orders and employee results by company, date range or status. If you require a custom report, this can easily be created to meet your specific requirements by getting in touch with your Reseller Manager.

Give your own web site marketplace functionality.

With our purchase authorisation and approval process tools your site emulates the key functionality of the e-procurement marketplaces.

Let your customers have full control over their staff’s purchases on your website with Stock In The Channel’s Purchase Approval Plugin for Magento.

For enterprises, we understand those purchase approvals for a large amount of customers/employees can be an unnecessary chaos. With this plugin, you can easily designate multiple line managers to approve purchases under a certain amount so you only have to approve the larger purchases yourself. For someone with 50+ employees or customers, this is an excellent way to manage spend. Not only does this give you full control over total spend, but allows all users to be in control of their budgets and orders in an easy and organised manner.

PunchOut enabled web sites

FTP of CSV files to keep your stock and prices up to date on your customers e-procurement marketpalces is great – but PunchOut is better

Learn more on our dedicated PunchOut page


You need to have your own fully functional web site – which costs more than simply getting a datafeed produced


You can market and effectively sell to your customers in your own tailored environment. Your products are no longer just another line on a list.

Access to full history

Every action that takes place is recorded in a history section on your Stock In The Channel account. This tracks quote, order, purchase order and supplier invoicing, allowing you full visibility of the complete quote-to-order cycle.

Customers who PunchOut to your site can only buy your products whilst on there. Using our B2B ecommerce platform there are so many ways you can interact and engage with your customers.

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