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Join over 150 suppliers and wholesalers who use Stock in the Channel to support long-term growth. We charge a quarterly fee for the service.

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Put your stock in front of thousands of resellers searching our site.

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Let resellers know you have the inventory they need to buy.

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Generate additional business from new accounts.

More Information

65,000 registered users

Our UK Audience

Our primary market is the UK and has the lion’s share of our audience. We have 28,000 clients, 47,000 users, searching 6,400,000 products from 159 distributors.

They generate:

  • 250k sessions per month from an average of 25k unique visitors
  • An average session duration of 13 minutes
  • They average 800,000 product searches each month, over 5 million in last 6 months
  • Wallpaper adverts average 65,000 impression daily
  • Banner advertising gets 2.7 million impressions monthly
  • Combined the users spend over £15bn on IT goods and services per year

The Top 100 Resellers/MSP by Revenue

  • 76% have accounts with Stock in the Channel – 63% are highly active
  • They perform over 185k searches monthly

Set up your free account with Stock in the Channel either by registering here or by calling the Customer service team on 0333 772 0003. From there you can use our free stock search engine, and begin to understand the power of our services for channel resellers.

Getting listed

We need to bring your inventory data into our search engine. To do this, we need either to collect files from your FTP site, or we can give you access to upload the file to our FTP site. Ideally, your stock file would be updated hourly, though, for slower-moving inventory, our minimum requirement is that it is refreshed daily.

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible in your stock file, but it must include a minimum of:

  • Brand
  • Manufacturer part number
  • Your internal part number
  • Product title
  • Stock level
  • Price or price tiers

We work with content providers to pull in and match your products with datasheets, product image and other critical data, but we prefer to import these and additional information from you as the supplying distributor for accuracy and precision. This allows us to make your inventory as attractive as possible on our site. See the below documentation for the full list of available fields for import.

Reseller Prices

There are three separate methods of letting your reseller customers see prices within our site. We recognise that for many reasons, some Distributors offer resellers different prices for the same product. Our services are designed to support this, allowing for standard trade prices, tiered bands for groups of similar customers, as well as unique price lists for individual resellers.

1. Standard Prices: Distributors who have a single price for the channel can configure their account to automatically approve resellers to have immediate access to the standard trade price they provide in thier stock file. This works exceptionally well for parts suppliers who sell at set prices. Naturally, you may override the automatic process, and choose to manually approve each request.

2. Tiered Prices: Distributors who need to specify which price tier a reseller should see are sent an automatic email when a reseller applies for pricing. This contains a link to go to our site and allocate the reseller to a particular price tier.

Distributors using these two methods can use their Stock in the Channel account to view, manage and change which resellers have access to prices within Stock in the Channel.

3. Unique Pricing: For distributors with complex pricing, we provide resellers with direct access to your application process to see prices, often via a form on your website. Approved resellers then uses the credentials you provide to activate secure access to his unique prices on our site.

Your distributor profile pages on our site

We create a microsite on Stock in the Channel’s website to provide information about you as a inventory source and showcase your products. This is how a reseller finds out about you as a new supplier for stock he is actively seeking, generating new account inquiries for your sales team.

As a search engine, many of our pages show multiple suppliers, but this site is entirely dedicated to you, your brand and all the products you sell – without mentioning any other suppliers. Products are categorised and matched with descriptions, allowing an easy understanding of your product range. Ask us about accessing this data for your own use. These pages can include video and graphics you specify, as well as providing contacts details and other useful information as you deem appropriate. Your account manager will work with you to build this site.

Generating new business

We are the the largest and busiest search engine for channel resellers, who use our site every day to find the stock they need. This is the perfect time to be visible to channel buyers.

  • Thousands of resellers who do not currently trade with you will see your stock. The more products you have listed, the more they will be found, generating new inquiries.
  • Over 400 resellers use our data to populate their eCommerce platforms and consumer web stores. By listing, you allow the reseller to include your stock in their stores, generating new business for you.
  • Many of our resellers use our automated ordering solution, and will only buy from the distributors they connect to via Stock in the Channel’s electronic purchasing portal. List with us, and we can help you offer EDI to gain efficient new sales, from the resellers you want to deal with.

Other benefits of listing with Stock in the Channel

  • You can help your resellers trade with you more efficiently, reducing the strain on your telesales team, phones lines and infrastructure.
  • Listing with us allow resellers to efficiently feature your products in their quotes and e-commerce sites
  • By working with us, you can reduce the number of direct feeds you produce, freeing your team from the administration so they can provide better value in your business.
  • And of course, listing with us means you reach IT resellers actively looking for your products at the moment they are looking – every time.

You may also wish to consider

  • Offering your resellers their own web store using our system and increase your sales. We offer reduced rates when you promote single supplier webstores to your customer base.
  • Increasing your efficiency by linking your EDI gateway to Stock in the Channel. This increases the percentage of orders you receive electronically, even special bid and other non-standard orders, reducing costs.
  • Listing Internationally with Stock in the Channel. We are active in 22 countries and can maximise your visibility if you sell in multiple markets.
  • Advertising with us that reaches your target market. See advertising options here.

For all of these options, ask your Account Manager how or contact us here.

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