Automation makes your business more efficient.

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What is Automated B2B eCommerce?

As businesses adapt to a more flexible, post-Covid world and remote work becomes the norm, automation tools are being recognised for their ability to make businesses far more efficient by simplifying organisational processes and ensuring continuity during complex moments. Simply put, greater efficiency means faster growth and more profit.

By automating routine tasks and actions, teams can focus on the parts of their roles that make the most impact. For IT resellers, this means offering customers the sort of frictionless purchasing journey they experience in their consumer lives, while providing account managers and salespeople with more time to develop relationships and implement strategic steps. Automation should connect business functions that may have previously been siloed to help your organisation run smoothly as possible.

Automation doesn’t require an organisational overhaul. Stock In The Channel offers EDI integrations with over 20 of the largest IT distributors so that all order details (from PO numbers to courier tracking numbers) are automatically populated across your third-party CRM or ERP systems. Integrating with existing processes or platforms means that all teams can enjoy a more streamlined version of processes they’re used to and experience a noticeable change in efficiency.

Automation Features

EDI Ordering

Enjoy a single, reliable gateway for your customers and account managers that makes the sales process easy for everyone. Send electronic purchase orders to suppliers and the order details are automatically synced in everyone’s separate systems. Status, tracking, proof of delivery and serial numbers are all auto populated to save the need for manually searching and sharing details, and made available for your customers to provide a frictionless transaction experience.


Sell to customers who use PunchOut based procurement systems such as Ariba, Oracle, Peoplesoft or Coupa.
Connecting viz PunchOut and cXML allows complete automatoicaing from purchase through to invoicing.

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