Collaboration is using an IT webstore to work smarter with your customers: side-by-side in real-time.

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What is Collaborative B2B eCommerce?

B2B eCommerce has evolved far beyond traditional industry selling techniques, Stock In The Channel’s webstore portal is designed to bring you closer to your customers to work together effectively. With many businesses working entirely remotely, the Modern Selling suite of features help you collaborate with your customers to continue providing a side-by-side service in a personal and efficient way.

These communications tools are designed to help build successful IT solutions together, faster. So we’re creating the opportunity to achieve better dialogue with live chat, video calls and file sharing: we all know the best work happens in real-time, after all. Meanwhile Stock In The Channel’s new Collaborative Quoting tool allows you and your customer to review, negotiate and amend quotes together to achieve the most effective results.

The Modern Selling IT reseller platform invites customers to become a part of both the sales process as well as finding solutions. Aiming to best inform your customer about products and services leads to more better, longer-lasting IT solutions. Remember, you are the authority at helping them achieve this in a channel-efficient, timely and straightforward way; yet any opportunity to hear your customer’s ideas or experiences may provide valuable insight to help you discover new sales opportunities.

Collaboration Features

Collaborative Quoting

Empower your customers to help achieve IT solutions with you, together. Sync quotes with your external system or use Stock In The Channel’s new, unique online quoting tool. Review, query, and edit in real-time to speed up negotiations and sales, all without leaving the customer portal.

Help Desk

Deliver expert assistance in real-time and make sales faster. Use our built-in help desk to answer tickets and discuss projects on the fly, or integrate your own CRM to offer reliable support that keeps your customers coming back.

Want to integrate Modern Selling Features Into Your Webstore?

We’ve built over 25 features that will impress your customers and streamline the way you sell.