Personalisation is delivering a tailored online experience to every channel customer.

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What is Personalised B2B eCommerce?

To deliver a great buyer experience, businesses must use every opportunity to understand their customers and build-in personalised moments. Stock In The Channel offers a suite of features to help you discover vital information and fully customise your IT webstore product offering.

In an increasingly busy world, convenience is key. Customers want to discover the right product at the right moment, which can seem like an unrealistic ask. Businesses that are able to customise their sales messaging to this ultra-personal behaviour will enjoy better relationships with their customers along with increased sales.

Working with Stock In The Channel’s extensive customer group tool will allow you to offer custom product catalogues and personalised pricing to deliver expert IT solutions that make sense for your business.
The Modern Selling portal offers a branded dashboard for every end-user, designed to give you full control of your customer’s experience and the opportunity to offer relevant add-on products and bespoke offers based on the account’s purchase history.

These insights can be turned into further sales opportunities by building triggered events onto your site to fully serve your customer’s needs at the right moment. Starting with your understanding of each account’s specific needs and combined with Stock In The Channel’s Modern Selling personalisation features, you’ll be able to tailor every online experience to every customer and see your sales opportunities grow.

Personalisation Features

Display Custom Catalogues

Build customised product catalogues tailored to each customer group; choosing any IT products from your distributor’s datafeeds and categorised however you want. Set and implement unlimited rules to offer the right products to the right buyer at the right price, giving every customer an industry leading webstore experience.

Distributor Rules

Choose which cost prices to use for each customer, based on rebates or reflecting your relationship with select distributors to help you negotiate the best rates on orders.

Set Custom Pricing

Use Stock In The Channel’s rules-based pricing engine to establish bespoke cost structures that are automatically applied. Enjoy setting unlimited rules to create a webstore model that works best for your business, customers and distributors – and see your profits grow.

Create Core Product Lists

Use your customer knowledge to create lists of frequently purchased IT products, services you offer, or bundles of items. Empower your customers to re-order hardware and software seamlessly whenever they need – saving you time and increasing their purchase frequency.

Display Personalised Dashboards

Give every customer a personalised experience by implementing their Account’s branding using each Contact’s personal details. Complete the user experience with banner announcements and triggered messaging to assist sales at just the right moment.

Want to integrate Modern Selling Features Into Your Webstore?

We’ve built over 25 features that will impress your customers and streamline the way you sell.