Transparency is providing consistent and reliable information with a human touch.

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What is Transparent B2B eCommerce?

The IT channel changes fast. Consistently upgrading hardware and updating software means consistent and reliable product information, stock and pricing can be hard for customers to find. Stock In The Channel’s datafeed plugs in hundreds of distributors’ stock and pricing files to offer you and your customers a single view so that everyone has transparent, up-to-date information.

It’s not just what you offer, though. Being open with your customers will support how the sales process performs by building trust in your company and service. As most business interactions move online there is high demand for tools to make customer touchpoints feel personal again.

The Modern Selling eCommerce portal offers integrations with key industry CRM, ERM and PSA platforms to enable clear and consistent messaging at all moments. Sync Sales Order and Purchase Order data to auto-populate fields without rekeying, and provide live status tracking. Make sure that everyone involved in making the sale – from your team and your customer’s organisation – can access correct, up-to-date information whenever they need so nothing slips through the net.

With less in-person dialogue customers need an honest understanding of the IT products and services you are offering. We match millions of products with full written descriptions and rich content to provide your customers with an accurate view of the products they are purchasing.

Transparency is a two-way exchange and by offering features that enable reliability and trust you can begin the journey towards closer, longer relationships with your customers.

Transparancy Features

Stock & Tracking

Stock In The Channel supercharges your webstore by connecting you with hundreds of IT distributors to automatically display accurate, reliable stock and pricing information on millions of IT products. Our distribution and hardware supplier data feeds are the foundation of Stock In The Channel’s platform and are updated either hourly or daily to ensure up-to-date information for the industry.

External System Integrations

Sync accurate information between your CRM, PSA and ERP systems to seamlessly populate third-party platforms without re-keying data. Save huge amounts of time to focus on more strategic account management while your accounts enjoy a frictionless service across their platforms.

Want to integrate Modern Selling Features Into Your Webstore?

We’ve built over 25 features that will impress your customers and streamline the way you sell.

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